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Linda Just Lin
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My name is Linda. I am an American from Los Angeles, I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. The past few years I have lived in the Netherlands.

I joined Lymph and Co. fundraising because I believe we must find a cure to these diseases. More importantly we must put an end to cancer. Not only cancer inhibit the quality of life for a patient, in fact it affects everyone.

What is my contributionto this fundraising?

  • I don't skate😲;
  • I don't cycle;
  • I don't swim;
  • I don't sing (goodness no😉)
  • .....However, I am an excellent masseuse.

I have worked with athletes, artists and most importantly many many cancer survivors

With a donation of €70 ( every penny goes directly to our researches), you are welcome at my studio for an hour therapy. For booking please contact me via SMS to the following number+31615526591.


To close I like to quote Maya Angelou :

" We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated ".


Thank you, Linda

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