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Mark Lagewaard

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In March 2022 I got diagnosed with lymphoma. After intensive treatments I am currently on my way back.
Although the lymphoma I have cannot be cured at this moment, I feel stronger than before and have the urge to fight back.

Therefore I initiated to cycle together with my colleagues true the hills of Limburg in June 2023.
The goal is to expose Lymph&Co as much as possible and raise funds as much as we can.

At this moment we will participate with about 65 colleagues, which provides a huge exposure as we will jointly cycle in an especially designed jersey.
The ultimate goal is to get together as much money is possible, in order to support further scientific research and perhaps, one day, cure this terrible disease!

Limburgs Mooiste 03-06-2023 | 17:00

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Limburgs Mooiste 03-06-2023 | 17:00

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